Friday, 12 November 2010

Can't Get This Out Of My Head!

A few weeks ago, in fact it's probably nearer two months, Kylie rocked up on The Paul O'Grady show wearing this:

Now for the record I love Kylie and I love those shoes, but the image of that dress is seared into my corneas.
At first I thought it was a 'costume' and that when I saw the dancers etc it would all make sense as a 'scenario', but then she changed into this to perform:

So I was a bit confused. Ok it would have been around the time of London Fashion week and both these dresses are from the Mark Fast Spring 2011 R-T-W Collection, so yes it's all fashion forward fabulous, but I don't really think it does anything for Kylie.

This is what the dresses looked like on the runway:

Are you sort of seeing my point, even Supermodel/Rock Royalty Amber Le Bon (on the right) is having difficulty pulling that look off.

I know for a fact having seen Kylie up close (backstage at the MTV awards if you must know Darling Mwwwohh), that she is teeny, tiny, Tinkerbell perfect so to put her in a dress that makes her look like she having a Mid-life Crisis in Magaluf circa 1985 completely baffles me.

Anway, let she who be without Wardrobe Sin throw the first Louboutin and all that, when low and behold, it happens again. First in Mexico City:

And here it is on the runway:

And then she went back to get it in Red!

Kylie please step away from the deeply unflattering and difficult to wear knitted dresses and get back to being Goddess fabulous like this:

On and off stage!

Gorgeous Darling!

Rockwife xx


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