Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Come on Dover! Move your Bloomin' Arse!

In the past I admit that I've not exactly been that convinced by Mark Fast's knitwear dresses; although they look interesting on the Runway I've never really seen one work outside that situation.....until now:

Well played Eliza Doolittle; Gorgeous! Mwwoahh!

Rockwife xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

DressERELLA! Where are my TRRROUSERS?

Way way back many centuries ago, not long after the bible began, I spent a large chunk of 1994 working on 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat'. It was the UK Tour with Phillip Schofield (no, really, and I believe he even dusted off the old Dreamcoat for Sunday's Dancing on Ice programme) at the helm as Joseph, some animatronic camels and quite a lot of dry ice.

One of my charges was the lovely Graham Hoadly (playing the role of Simeon) and quite often the cry of 'Dresserella! Where are my TRRROUSERS?' could be heard echoing along the backstage corridors. It became something of a standing joke due to the unbelievable number of costume quick changes that the show demanded every night. Let's just say that if Dressing ever became an Olympic Event, every member of the Joseph Wardrobe Team would be a Gold Medallist!

Anyway, TRRROUSERS have very much been on my mind this week, in particular Trousers favoured by Baddies in 1980's movies.

It all began last Saturday following a conversation with a friend who, being rather disappointed with the cut of most modern breeches, was pondering the idea of making his own. I thoroughly applauded this notion and inquired into the style he had in mind.
  "Something a bit like the dark haired baddie wore in the outback sequence in Crocodile Dundee 2" 
For the record, nobody, but nobody appreciates a specific (if somewhat obscure) costume related reference like me and (although I've yet to place this still in an identification line up) I'm pretty certain these will be the 'Strides' in question. So far so good.

1980's Baddie Trousers Mk1

The next reference
"Black Trousers worn by a James Bond villain, not sure which film, but it was the sequence where he was watching a dance studio from behind a one way mirror"
Well that's got to be Kim Basinger in 'Never Say Never Again', should be relatively straight forward to find.......or so you would think, but no, MGM (presumably wanting to safe guard the secrets of Maximilian Largo's TRRROUSERS) have removed all footage of them from the internet.

This is the best reference I could come up with and sadly old Max is sitting down, so if you do find a workable link for this sequence I would grateful to view it.

And Finally(carrying on with the Bond theme)....

How fabulous is the new Virgin Atlantic commercial:

Love it! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Max's TRRROUSERS!

Rockwife xx


Well Played the Magenta Costume from Glee

Last week Glee brought us their version of 'The Rocky Horror Show' and I absolutely love this Magenta costume; I'm not entirely sure why, but it just seems a perfect reinterpretation.

I tried to bring panniers back last year (I thought if Justin could do it with sexy, I could do it with 18th Century Ladies underpinnings), but alack it wasn't to be.

I tell you what though Ladies, don't knock it till you tried it; it makes your waist look Teeny Tiny and it prevents anybody sitting next to you on public transport. Two birds, one stone.

Rockwife xx