Monday, 24 October 2011

Bring Out Your Pumpkins!

I love America and I love Halloween; as a child it was my favourite Holiday; I know, I know, technically it's not a holiday, but I'm still immersed in all things American.

I have recently returned from San Francisco where the Halloween preparations had been dialled up to 11. Sadly I've never managed to be in the States on October the 31st, but it's definitely on my 'to do' list because, behold the size of this baby:

This is the SF Party Store located on 939 Post Street. Full details can be found at:

I would like to congratulate them on their marvellous display and splendid array of costumes. This is probably my favourite:

Although I'm also very taken with this culturally sensitive number:

No doubt inspired by Sex and the City 2.

I'm sure there will be many fabulous Shindigs on in SF over the coming weekend, but if you find yourself much further South on Route 1, you could do a lot worse than checking out Schooners in Cayucos:

Beautiful location, lovely people, amazing seafood and great wine. Not only that but also, surely, one of the most comprehensive lists of prize winning categories ever compiled for a Halloween party:

Most Authentic Pirate? Get In!

Rockwife xx

PS I haven't forgotten about the Weddings, I'm just waiting for some pics!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stalking the Celebrity Houses

I must admit that when I first found out I was coming to San Francisco one of my initial thoughts was 'Ohhh, I wonder if there's a 'Charmed' Tour'; scoff all you want, but I had a real soft spot for that show.

As we all know Shannen Doherty would definitely play me in a 'Made for TV' Biopic of my life and let's not forget 'Charmed' also gave us Julian McMahon, who later went on to play Dr Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck, but in my head will always be 'The Source of All Evil'. Ahh, Bless!

Anyway, after a quick google it turned out that the 'Charmed' House or Halliwell Manor is actually in Angelino Heights in LA, or 1329 Carroll Avenue to be precise; this makes perfect sense when you think about the filming logistics.

So last Thursday, after a trip to LACMA to see the Tim Burton exhibition, I headed over to Echo Park to have a sticky beak and it turns out it's not the only famous house on the block, because residing at 1345 is the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' House.

There are some absolutely beautiful houses on this street, but the one that really caught my eye was this one:


I'm off to check out the real San Francisco today, so I'll catch you later,

Rockwife xx

Location:San Francisco