Friday, 30 September 2011

Adventures in La La Land

Arrived in Santa Monica on Wednesday night after a smooth flight and, amazingly, practically a clear round through security for me. I always manage to set off the metal detector or have something in my hand luggage that requires some serious rootage from the security staff. I did get asked to remove my boots (it wasn't shoes off for everybody at Heathrow this time), and Mr Rockwife said that he had seen one of the security ladies eyeing them up as I walked in; I suspected she just wanted to look inside them to see where they were from; she should have just asked; Carvela Darling!

Had shrimp and Margaritas on Santa Monica Pier Wednesday night at Bubba Gumps; I now realise this is a 'loosely' themed chain restaurant based on one of the narrative threads of 'Forest Gump'. However at the time, having been up for the best part of 24 hours, I didn't really put two and two together; I just thought it was a TGI's kind of place, so when our Clark Kent lookalike waiter sat down at our table and asked if we wanted to partake in a 'Forest Gump' Pop quiz, I thought 'Random, but when in Rome'; now, obviously, it makes more sense; Mr Rockwife did quite well, I only managed to get Nike and Buttocks correct.

Oh yes and another fabulous thing about America is that you become miraculously slimmer; I bought a denim skirt in Santa Monica and the lovely sales girl had to bring me Size 4 to try on. Size 4? SIZE 4!!!! I'm going to factor in a bit of vanity sizing, because I'm not a Size 8 in the UK, but even still I'm definitely buying all my clothes from America from now on!

Rockwife xx

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